11 Great Online Business Ideas

Business ideas can completely change the life that a person lives in a stable. Online business ideas allow you to make your life better by only doing business on the internet. There are approximately 4 billion people in the world who have access to the internet.

4 billion people means more than half of the world’s population. Doing business on this network, where more than half of the world’s population exists, has a very high return compared to other jobs you can do. After reading our entire online business ideas article, choose the most suitable one for you and start working.

11 Online Business Ideas

online business ideas

Doing business on the internet, which is a growing and global market, is easier than you think. You do not need to have dozens of technological knowledge to do business on the Internet! Only having enough knowledge about the field in which you will do business will bring you income in your field.

11 online business ideas :

1)     Make Money From Youtube

online to do

If you want, it is possible to earn money by showing your face or by making videos without even showing your face. According to young people, the most popular profession of recent times is defined as “Youtuber”. It is possible to open a channel on Youtube , upload videos that answer calls and earn money from the internet.

In order to earn money from Youtube, you need to have labor and knowledge. Especially if you want to earn above a certain income level, you may need to specialize in video editing and similar subjects. Or you can get help from people who specialize in video editing and similar fields.

2) Monetization from Instagram

Would you like to be an Instagram phenomenon? Or a page owner on Instagram that caters to a large community? Instagram, which is among the channels where you can earn the most income when it comes to business ideas on the Internet , is a platform where almost all kinds of people can earn money by sharing.

It is possible to earn money from Instagram with your personal account or with your page (entertainment, science, humor, horror, religious, movie, music …) account. Until recent updates, Instagram usually monetized sponsorships. Now, Instagram has also activated paying its users through the application.

3) Earning Money by Establishing a Blog Site (Becoming a Blogger)

You can make money by building a website from scratch , filtering the topics you are interested in, and publishing it in an original way. Things to know for blogging, which we can consider in the category of works that can be done on the Internet ;

  • If you want to move forward with motivation in your work, make your favorite topics the main topic of your site.
  • Build yourself a paid or free site.
  • Publish articles that are not the same (original) elsewhere on the site you have established.
  • After a certain time has passed and your site has reached a certain quality, you can earn income from Adsense and similar places.

4) Make Money with E-Books

Things to do on the Internet

Electronic books are virtualized versions of real books. It is possible to earn money with virtual books, which have become more common in recent years. Writing an e-book and then selling the e-book you wrote is among the things that can be done online .

The requirements for writing an e-book are almost the same as for writing a physical book. What you need to do is to create a very good and useful resource on the subject you have control over, and sell it on the internet.

5) Teach Online Courses

If you already have a great talent, it is possible to earn money by teaching this talent to other people. You can earn money by preparing courses on your area of ​​expertise, especially on sites like Udemy .

In recent years, online education has become very popular. As the number of people who want to receive education on the Internet has increased, the income of those who share their information on the Internet has also increased. If you want to take a step in online business and you already have an expertise, then giving a course is just for you.

6) Become a Graphic Designer

You can earn money online by improving yourself in graphic design. Earn money online by making logo design, poster design, brochure design, glass design and all other designs you can think of, without leaving your home.

Almost all of the new businesses established for online work or physical work need logo, banner and product-related design. It is possible to earn money by meeting these needs of individuals or institutions.

7) Design a Website

Website design is a very demanding and demanding job. If you want to make money comfortably on the internet by designing a website, you must first have some knowledge. After mastering the necessary software languages, it is possible to make money by designing purpose-built websites.

Especially in the period when e-commerce has developed so much, new website designs are often needed. To meet this need, if you specially design a website and catch a good sales graph, you will earn a very good income.

8) Write a Program

Specializing in any of the C++, C#, Python and similar software languages ​​will open the door to great incomes for you. People who are enthusiastic about computer programming should choose as an online business idea .

Almost every sector you can think of needs programs written specifically for its sector. If you manage to be a software developer at a level that can meet the program features demanded by the sectors and customers, you will earn very high numbers.

You can also find mobile program ideas that you can write by browsing mobile business ideas .

9)     Video Editleyin

It is also possible to earn money by video editing or video editing. You can earn money by editing videos, especially on Youtube, Instagram and similar places.

If you haven’t taken a step on the subject yet, we recommend that you try the way to earn money by learning fiction.

Especially many people and institutions need staff for video editing on their Youtube channels. Even if it is not easy to have the features that these institutions want, when you reach that level, you will earn very high incomes.

10) Podcast

Jobs that can be done online

Podcast broadcasts allow you to earn quite a good income today. Podcasts can be entertaining, political, economic, scientific, or any other form you can think of. If you want to earn money by streaming podcasts from apps like Spotify, you first need something to talk about.

Podcast broadcasting is one of the trends in the work to be done on the internet . It’s a good topic, if you want to earn money by having pleasant conversations with nice guests, podcasting is just for you. Establishing a friendly atmosphere with your listeners while broadcasting a podcast will make your listeners feel close to you. Audiences who feel close to you will want to listen to you again.

11)  Fill Out Questionnaire

It is possible to earn money by answering various surveys on the Internet. You earn some of your livelihood by earning money through questionnaires that you fill out in Turkish or English. However, on the sites on the internet, not every survey is shown to every user.

In order for the surveys to be shown to you, you must be among the features listed by the survey givers. For example; The general customers of a company that wants to sell a bakery are determined as landlords, renters, newly moved people, and women (especially housewives). If you are a student living in a dormitory, you cannot earn money by accessing this survey. For this reason, even if you are not likely to do many surveys during the day, if you are looking for business ideas on the internet , you can also choose to fill out a survey.

If these are not enough for you , you can also read our article on the most effective ways to make money . If you are looking for new business ideas , you should definitely follow our site.


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