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Genel Müdür / veyron hotels spa

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The Objective of the Position

To lead the hotel team in providing optimal business performance for the owner, brand, and division by implementing solid commercial, operational, and individuals strategies.

Exercising Leadership

Give the hotel team a clear mission, assist them with appropriate learning opportunities, and provide continuous feedback on team effectiveness.

Ascertain that all team members understand of their responsibilities’ multi-skilled nature and the expectation that they could assist where needed. Set a good example in this area!

To build / sustain a high level of trust and involvement, ensure regular and effective contact (e.g. Huddles) with the hotel personnel.

Direct and actively encourage the team during moments of stress by being involved in the operation.

Devote time and effort to ensuring that all team members possess the skills and behaviors required to offer exceptional brand-specific guest satisfaction.

To assist team members to thrive, devote attention and commitment to becoming / becoming a manager and a leader for the team and offering a fantastic place to work at Veyron Hotels & Spa.

In terms of brand behavior, be a role model for all Group Members.

Recruit qualified individuals at all levels of the organization who are passionate about our brands, and ensure high-quality onboarding and Corporate development in all areas.

The Guests’ Perspective

Ensure that all visitor feedback is kept up on, addressed effectively, and shared with the team on a regular basis.

 Maintain appropriate levels of interaction with key clients/business partners, as well as expert support employees.

Ascertain that necessary actions are taken to support any improvements that result from safety, QA audits, or input from the  Customer Service team.

Operational Efficiency

Contribute to the annual hotel budget with the Focused Service Area Support Team.

Provide rolling predictions on a frequent basis, backed up by commercial focus information.

Track costs performance and make necessary resource modifications to account for differences in forecasted costs.

Engage in revenue-generating activities on a regular basis (calls, sales trips, etc.) and be an active supporter of your Commercial & Sales Manager.

Encourage Hilton Honors enrollment and try to improve guest loyalty.

As needed, manage the owner’s relationship, rapport, and reporting.

Required Qualifications

University education of fine standards

Excellent spoken and written Turkish and English skills

Skilled and experienced in the usage of Microsoft Applications.

Successful experience in a quick hotel, restaurant, or retail environment

Customer support is something I’m passionate about.

Enthusiastic with the ability to operate independently

Strong experience in managing people

Commercially savvy, with the ability to handle costs and expenditures.

The management approach is goal-oriented and hands-on.

Skills that have been demonstrated and that can be organized

Aday Kriterleri

Years of Experience: 5 – 10 years of experience
Military Status: Completed
Level of education: Bachelor’s(Graduate)
University Department: Administration of Tourism and Hotel

Pozisyon Bilgileri

Company Industry: Tourism
Job Role: Tourism / Hospitality
Job Type : Permanent / Full-time
Position Level: High Level Manager
Number of vacancies: Not Specified
Job Location: İstanbul(Avr.)(Şişli)

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