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IT Specialist / Indomie Türkiye

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  • At least graduated from the relevant departments of colleges or universities,
  • Having knowledge of all types of installations and preferably at least 3 years of experience in the IT Support,
  • Experienced in System Management, Network & Security, VPN, Server Management
  • Having knowledge of all IT Hardware and Software,
  • Solution oriented and prone to teamwork,
  • Developed communication and problem-solving skills,
  • Candidates with strong analytical perspective, planning and follow-up are sought.
  • Able to speak English is a plus.



  • To establish the necessary infrastructure for the company’s information processing security.
  • Ability to produce solutions for system, hardware, network, office and software,
  • To manage the infrastructure that will ensure the continuous operation of the systems, to take the necessary measures, to create permanent solutions.
  • To ensure the operability and sustainability of company IT systems.
  • Installation and operation of computers,  handheld terminals, barcode readers, etc.
  • Direct support
  • Routine maintenance of in-house computers and devices,
  • Conducting needs-based research on new devices to be purchased,
  • Ensuring company data backup and data security,
  • To complete the work to be done as IT on information security and KVKK

Aday Kriterleri

Years of Experience: 3 – 5 years of experience
Level of education: Associate Degree(Graduate), Bachelor’s(Graduate)

Pozisyon Bilgileri

Company Industry: Food
Job Role: Information Technology
Job Type : Permanent / Full-time
Number of vacancies: Not Specified
Job Location: Tekirdağ(Çerkezköy)

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