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20 Ocak 2022 - 13:49

Project Engineer – R&D (Test & Verification) / Arçelik

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How do we describe the perfect fit?

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related fields (preferably Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering),
  • Knowledge of textile washing mechanism and textile washing phenomenon,
  • Knowledge of textile drying mechanism, mass transfer phenomenon, and drying systems,
  • Familiarity with commercial Energy Regulations and Washing Performance standards,
  • Experience in the regulations and declarations, with emphasis on household appliances (preferably washing machines and washer dryers),
  • Household appliance operating experience,
  • Laboratory system management (calibration, accreditation, testing, and reporting) and laboratory team management experience,
  • Ability to develop technical programs and activities from broadly defined needs and objectives,
  • Ability to understand written and verbal technical material and instructions,
  • Ability to perform a wide range of technical tasks and concentrate on specific tasks for indefinite periods,
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English,
  • Following and adapting the market trends and new  technologies,
  • Outside the box thinking ability,
  • Open to innovation culture,
  • Flexible and open to new perspectives,
  • A great team player with a self-initiative mindset,
  • Knowing what empathy really means,
  • Being open to communication is always our priority.


The position is located in Çayırova.


How will you foster the challenge?


We are looking for a passionate Project Engineer – R&D (Test & Verification) who will join our team at Washing Machine Product Directorate


  • Witnessing and adopting how product designs are developed, documented, tested, controlled, and maintained according to energy requirements within relevant standards,
  • Preparing test instructions, test plans & test reports in accordance with the requirements,
  • Managing laboratory system within accreditation, calibration, investment, and budget management and managing laboratory team,
  • Leading washing, drying performance testing, investigations & qualification of products in company performance labs,
  • Leading product performance certification process and collaboration with the authorized certification body,
  • Participating in supplier visits or trials on / off-site where necessary,
  • Assisting in the development of electronic control system, structural & system design of a household appliance,
  • Developing skills/techniques relevant to the washing & drying performance standards and regulations discipline.


Arçelik  –  An Equal Opportunity Employer


Aday Kriterleri

Years of Experience: No experience preference
Level of education: Bachelor’s(Graduate)

Pozisyon Bilgileri

Job Role: Research and Development (R&D)
Job Type : Permanent / Full-time
Position Level: New starter
Number of vacancies: Not Specified
Job Location: İstanbul(Avr.), Kocaeli(Çayırova)

İlan Kapanma Tarihi

18 Ocak 2022