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Web Design Specialist, Assistant Project Manger / Next Generation Daycare

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The web assistant project manager is a team  member of individuals with creative and technical skills that creates various projects for the customers over Internet. As project assistant, your job is to help manage the entire life of the project, from conception to live online delivery. Each day, you will review the tasks and goals that need to be completed with your team, and work on individually assigned projects. You will work with the company’s customers in order to deliver the web product, monitor, and report progress that is envisioned. You will also work with various software developers, Agile SME, and team leaders of the company to try and create new and innovative operational processes and web solutions for upcoming projects or situations.

Web Project Manager Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Follow the scope of an online project that goes from the proposal stage, to the technical work up, and finally to the delivery of the web product that supports the overall operational needs of the team and customers.
  • Participate in the initial conception stage along with a client in order to better meet the needs of the customer and to translate those expectations to employees, and processes.
  • Design solutions for customer and employee problems related to online customer support, corporate identity or other website presence issues to include internal work flows.
  • Assist the design process of a website by working with a team, and design, assist your team, and web developers.
  • Work to find and solve any problems with the function of a web and software project, internal platforms, by implementing testing processes and working with technical staff in order to address any issues.
  • Developing effective training procedures, create appropriate task assignments, positive customer experiences and top quality control processes.
  • Aim to meet all project goals within the specified budget of the project team and the organization; adjust practices to reflect cost saving measures.
  • Generate project status reports to be presented to company stakeholders; detail data, tasks and processes.
  • Develop additional skills, certifications and other banks of knowledge in the Internet industry by attending regular Web meetings,  leading training sessions with colleagues.
  • Take on new and unproven tasks in order to develop new business ideas and opportunities that help lead the company to future success.

Web Project Manager Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • At least 2 years of experience managing projects in a creative setting
  • Experience in communicating with clients and internal Agile Team in various ways to improve Teamwork and customer satisfaction
  • Knowledge about the development and design of online sites and communicating to web developers
  • Ability to manage many different jobs and meet deadlines consistently
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English 

Company Profile

Innovative creative team that supports the Daycare settings has been around since the early days of the web, developing internal and online tools for our company. We have a strong record of success that includes the latest software tools and a focus on delivering exactly what our employees and customers want. As technology has evolved in this industry, we have expanded to offer beyond just an online. We work to create internal tools, and establish processes that meet the Department of State expectations.  The most valuable part of our organization is our team of qualified and highly skilled individuals.

Aday Kriterleri

Years of Experience: No experience preference
Level of education: Bachelor’s(Graduate)
Languages: English( Reading : Advanced, Writing : Advanced, Speaking : Advanced)

Pozisyon Bilgileri

Company Industry: Service
Job Role: IT
Job Type : Permanent / Full-time
Number of vacancies: Not Specified
Job Location: Ankara

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